Mothers Daughters & Sisters...Changing 'US' ... one woman at a time...

A Novel


 "A daughter's future...a mother's past"   

They say that life is a beautiful thing. And they're right. But life is also, hard, demanding, and sometimes, not as glamorous as we lady's would like. And as a woman, life can even be cruel. As mothers, life defines us. As daughters, life molds us. As sisters, life redefines us. As women, life dictates, and changes us.

We are God's creation; a creation known to man as beauty. Beauty being defined in many ways; so be careful. We are strong. We are born woman so we are powerful. We carry the strengths that was once our mother's burdens. We are driven by intuition because we are wise. We are Queens because we hold the key to our families kingdom. And We are all women with something important to offer the world.

Our gender is what drives the man, and WE control the wheel.

But we are women before we are mothers, someones daughter, or sister. And when we are hurt, we can destroy. The journey to YOU ( that awesome woman down deep inside of you that's screaming to be heard), the journey unfortunantly might not be easy. It may not always be glamorous. And you may fall several times along the way. But if you will be opened, and nurture that pain correctly--giving it the attention it rightfully deserves, you will be glorious, because pain is reachable, and we are WOMEN  

I have dabbled through the pages of fantasy with my characters of  DejaVe: Secrets.  I have drank blood with some really interesting characters in Cravings: Two Bloodlines

But I wouldn't be Marie without my true voice. So I am very pleased to introduce to you, my first family...the characters in, String of Pearls, the novel. 

Creating the characters for Sting of Pearls, was both enjoyable and difficult at the same time. I found myself backstroking, hitting that delete key. Asking myself, should I really allow my character to go through such pain? In the end, the pain won. Not because I liked it, or it felt good. But because I am a woman. I am a mother and sister. And in my world unfortunately, love and pain coexist, and they must be recognized and faced if there can be change. I have come to love these characters, and I have nurtured them through the lives which I have given them, while sitting in a chair, typing away, at my laptop. Each character is unique, and authetic. Writing them into the world which they must breath, until I decide that they have grown, learned, or risen above their tragedy has not been easy. Thier journey is not sweet or cute. But through their journey; you just might find  someone closes to you, a distant friend, or maybe even yourself.

 But isn't that what a great book is meant to do?

Cravings: Two Bloodlines

Tierra Childs is weeks from her sixteenth birthday. The human side of her is dying. Troy Westfall is the new guy in town.  And they have found each other. They each have a secret. They are vampires from two differnt  bloodlines, and the lines are forbidden and must never cross.

Can the love they share be enough to convince two families, that have not been able to coexist for the last two centuries, that they have been wrong? Or will they have to do the unthinkable, and die together so that their love for each other will live?





  There are many doors to a woman's life journey. The choices are many. The mistakes along the way, will flow in from under doors like warm water over her feet, and sometimes, the mistakes will burst-in like massive waves, creating a mental tsunami she has no control over. But doors are meant to be opened. Life is meant to be lived. We are women. We walk life and open doors with confidence becasue we are fearlessly. Of course we fear what may lurk behind some of those doors. We are human.

But whichever door, this woman, chooses to open-- she will open it slowly, no regrets, or intentions of looking back, and she will walk through it ready. Maybe she will find her hearts desire. Maybe she will make a difference in another's life through a character along the way. But what she will not do, is GIVE UP. 

      So no matter which door opens, I will give you the best of me, in the voice that is me. I won't always make you happy in the end. As life is not a fairy-tale. I will sometimes bring you tears; sometimes joy and laughter to your souls through the characters I creat and send off on their journey. But trust me when I say; I will always, always, keep you reading with great anticipation until the very last page. 

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An amazing woman and novelist.



New York Times bestselling
author Kristin Hannah

© Marie Dai'Re

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